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Saljol Carbon Rollator (Various Sizes & Colours)

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Outdoor activities, on all surfaces. Stylish and elegant. Probably the only available lightweight carbon rollator with gears.

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The Saljol Carbon Rollator is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use because it’s smooth running two-layer rubber coating makes it much quieter on asphalt than other similar products. On unpaved dirt roads its super soft tyres spring as efficiently as pneumatic tyres.

In rain and damp weather, the brakes “like to slip through”! The Saljol gearshift works independently of the weather and offers an additional safety brake in wet conditions.

Sitting and resting

The Saljol rollator comes with a super comfortable seat, which enables the user to have a break during longer walks. We recommend the adjustable and cuddly back strap for an increased sitting feeling and more safety.


A reasonably and safely equipped rollator can provide the necessary independence and walking motivation to manage the weekly shopping – often THE place for social contacts.

Go Downhill

Imagine you are driving down a steep ramp with a full shopping basket in your rollator. At the beginning of the ramp you pull the brake and release it again, but the rollator pulls it downhill. The Saljol gearshift defuses the situation! Similar to an engine brake when driving downhill and shifting down into the next smaller gear, the gearshift on the two rear wheels brakes the carbon rollator. It takes over a part of the loaded rollator and helps you to go downhill safely.

Go Uphill

For uphill driving, the driver is safely accompanied by the low own weight over 5.8KG and the gear shift. Like a hill starting aid in modern cars, the gear change supports the rolling backwards.

Overcoming Kerbs and Thresholds

To minimise risk and make it easier to overcome kerbs and thresholds, Saljol has integrated extra-flat tipping aids on the rear wheels that are ergonomically accessible to the feet. The distance for the foot is minimal and therefore, safer than with conventional rollators.

Public Transportation

Rollators can be used on public transport, however, for safety reasons, they cannot be used as a seat whilst travelling. We recommend to park the Carbon Rollator in the bus on the multi-purpose area with the parking brake depressed and to look for a place against the direction of travel.

Tip! With only 22cm folding, it does not take up much space and could also be parked next to you.

By the way, the safest way to get off is backwards, with one hand on the bus and the other on the walker.

Parking and Loading

Simply press down the two smooth-running brake handles on the left and right of the handle. The rollator stands securely on the spot.

Saljol recommends folding the carbon fibre rollator to its 22cm width to take it with you in the car. It fits into even the smallest luggage compartments.


  • Ultralight
  • Foldable, for easy transport
  • For medium to large people
  • Safe downhill driving, thanks to gear shifting
  • Shock absorbing tyres and cork handles
  • Visibility in the dark, through many reflectors

*Please refer to our Warranty Information page for full T&C’s.

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Size & Colour

Small – British Racing Green, Small – Midnight Blue, Small – Star Silver, Medium – British Racing Green, Medium Midnight Blue, Medium Star Silver


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